SKU: 1386D-1

The Cinderella Collection Bedroom Set ( 1386D-1 )

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The Cinderella Collection. The Cinderella Collection is your little child’s dream. The Victorian styling incorporates floral motif hardware, ecru painted finish and traditional carving details that will create the feeling of a room worth of a fairy tale princess. Offering regular bed, daybed and canopy poster bed in both ecru painted white wash and dark cherry finishes.

Item No.* Description Dimension
1386D-1 Day Bed 82 x 41 x 56H
1386-10 Writing Desk Hutch 48 x 13 x 34H
1386-11 Writing Desk 50 x 24 x 30H
1386-11C Chair 18 x 20 x 38H