Triton Back Support mattress by Spring Air

Size :

Spring Air’s Back Supporter Core, Royale, & Platinum series of beds offer a combination of exceptional spinal support and pressure-relieving comfort, while keeping your body cool for the perfect night’s rest…come experience the luxury of a good night’s sleep!

Back Supporter 7-5-3 Zone Technology

Look for exclusive 7-5-3 technology in our some Back Supporter models.:

7 Zones of Comfort
The 7-5-3 system begins with a 7-zone layer of contouring foam that cushions your
body and conforms to your curves, providing the ultimate luxurious feel.

5 Zones of Support
All Back Supporter mattresses are designed with a 5-zone individually pocketed coil system to provide
you optimal support and pressure relief at the hips, shoulders, and knees so you can get a restful night’s sleep.

3 Zones of Durability
Our 3-zone Eco-base provides you and your mattress with superior durability
and extra support in the center third, where your body needs it most.